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Ruko shot in Shimokitazawa by HunatioN street snap

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Frozen Dance with @jonah_bokaer

Since introducing video, we’ve seen movement and sound bring dance to to new dimensions. From @lilbuckdalegend's improvisational jookin’ to the pirouettes of the @ballerinaproject_ to @palmyhk's break dancing, dancers have brought their choreography to life on Instagram. American dancer Jonah Bokaer (@jonah_bokaer), however, is flipping that expectation for movement on its head. He applies his background in animation and motion-capture techniques to his choreography and shares the resulting routines through a series of frozen moments.

"I first started using Instagram this year. It fascinated me that people change their content so quickly, so rapidly and with such diversity. I decided to turn the scale in the other direction: to tunnel deeper and deeper into the same image vocabulary and to create variations in the same image to call further attention to movement detail," he says. From those focused moments emerged a new series: "Then came the idea that, in fact, I was actually making a dance frame by frame."

To create these post-by-post Instagram performances, Jonah has a multi-step process: “I create the animations first, rehearse the performance, decide and finalize the visual scenery and then have a colleague do the photography.” Some of his performances have produced over 3,000 images! To experience your own personal performance of Jonah’s work, be sure to follow @jonah_bokaer.



Japan has not one, but two places that are referred to as “Cat Island.” Can you guess what’s special about them? (It has to do with cats.)

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Hiroshi Senju - Waterfall. Natural pigments on Japanese mulberry paper, 116.7x90.9 cm (2009)
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Hiroshi Senju (b.1958, Japan)

Hiroshi Senju is one of Japan’s most celebrated contemporary artists, noted worldwide for his sublime waterfall and cliff images, often monumental in scale. Senju combines a minimalist visual language rooted in Abstract Expressionism with ancient painting techniques unique to Japan. In his most recent paintings, the New York-based artist uses fluorescent pigments to create waterfall images, a style he first explored in 2007. These paintings are black and white in daylight, yet under ultraviolet light they fluoresce an arresting electric blue. An ode to the ubiquitous city lights of our contemporary existence, Senju’s waterfalls hover between night and day as he successfully straddles the realms of industry and nature, the material and the ethereal.

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Style is a magic wand, and turns everything that it touches to gold.

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Bryan M. Ferguson | on Tumblr - The red thread